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Ask and learn!

Who is LOL Improv Troupe?
A talented collection of improv performers with anywhere from 7 to 20+ years of experience in laughs and entertainment, the cast of LOL has done over 5,000 shows collectively for people just like you.

Help me out: what is this improv comedy of which you speak?
As opposed to "standup comedy" where one performer tells pre-planned jokes to the audience, improvisational comedy involves a group of performers playing games and making up scenes right on the spot based on audience suggestions.

How would you work with me?
First and foremost, it is our job to make you and your company look good.  We do that by gathering background on your business, industry, culture and people and applying it properly. No two entities are the same, so your show will be unique to you. Next, we go where you are: San Francisco, Paris, Branson.  Name the town, we can get there.  We have worked in venues as diverse as your lobby, to the standard hotel ballroom, to some very nice 2000 seat theaters.  Finally, we help you figure out what is right for your event and the splash you're looking to make.  It's what we do.

I don't want HR down my neck. What can you tell me about your content?
We're in business, just like you.  And working the way you do – with professional passion and common courtesy – entertaining companies like yours has been our staple.  We're a favorite with the Fortune 500 (as well as the not-quite-Fortune 500), but we also perform for churches, schools, and non-profits, too.  You don't get those gigs working off-color.

What kind of lead time do we need?
That depends on what you need.  We've planned shows a year out, but have also done shows the very next day.  With our improv skills, we're pretty light on our feet.  Just know it's never too late to give us a call. 

What if we are thinking forward, but don't have the date just yet?
Always a good idea to plan ahead, you may be jostling between two or three dates.  Help us help you and we'll circle those dates on the calendar.  If we get another request for that date, we'll call you and give you the first right of refusal.

Are you really that funny?
Yes.  Another way to answer your question:  no one has ever asked for their money back.

How do I learn more?
Just call us.  Click the contact link and pick up the phone.  You may not catch us, but thanks to new-fangled voicemail technology, we'll catch up to you!