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Let's make some fun together!

Learning all we can about your business, culture and people, LOL custom shows are built with you in mind. Having an upcoming themed gala? Much-anticipated rollout meeting? Long-overdue retirement party? All it takes is a little inside info on your part and little imagination on ours.  Together, we create the scenario:

  • The phony motivational speech
  • A courtroom setting (great for roasts!)
  • Murder mystery
  • “Reality” show
  • Genre show (Bond, The Godfather, Musical, etc…)

Combined with your philosophy and a little extra dough, our custom entertainment will make you the standout of any conference/trade show or hilariously enhance the annual meeting. 

Custom means custom.  Call us to share your idea.  And if you don’t have an idea, call us and we’ll come up with one!