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No script? No net? No problem!

Improv comedy is all about the moment, and the moment we get a suggestion from you, LOL Improv Troupe is off to the races!  The action is non-stop – incorporating scenes, games, songs and then some.  And since your people drive the show, the show goes where you want it to go. 


Perfect for all walks of life, we are also proud to say LOL runs a clean show.  You don't curse in polite society and neither do we.  For those who think "clean" means "boring," we're happy to say they're wrong.  And we've done over 5,000 shows collectively to prove it.

Whether you are looking for 15 minutes to kick off your fund-raiser, 30 minutes at lunch time, 45 minutes at the holiday party, an hour at your awards dinner, or a full-blown 90-minute show for your clients and crew, LOL has the flare for any of these events and a whole lot more.